About Us

Emil Raschle


Strong in operational strategies, training and communication, conflict management and negotiation, building of successful teams and form good business practice and ethics. 

A graduate from the Swiss Hotel School in Lausanne (EHL) year 1977, Oekreal Zurich-Switzerland in 1981 and IPADE Mexico in 1991. Experience in different hotel operations in Europe, Latin America and USA. A member of OROTELS since 1981 and accompanied the company ever since then in a series of positions and with different assignments from General Management, Project manager, Area Manager and Consultant. Ample experience within hotel operation of both independent and franchised properties. 

Kerstin Raschle


Excellent hotel operator and revenue manager, strong in housekeeping procedures, front office management, cash management, excellent communication skills, human resources management.

A graduate from the Swiss Hotel School in Lausanne (EHL) year 1977. Experience in different hotel operations in Europe, Latin America and USA in different management positions. Has been working both in independent as well as in franchised hotel operations.


 We combine outstanding cultural, human and professional elements and operate, manage, lead, consult in our hotels within a dynamic entrepreneurial ambiance, where our clients, associates and partners in a common effort participate and may individually excel in their personal performance. 


Values and Principles

  • We conduct our affairs with integrity, respect and fairness
  • We believe in personal relations and personalized service. People are the key to our success.
  • We strive for the best possible quality standards in all our activities.
  • We are committed to our customers, financial partners and our associates.
  • We strongly consider environmental issues in our planning and operating procedures.
  • We pursue financial success in order to contribute to a sustainable development of our business.
  • Our management team is positive, dynamic, enthusiastic and pro-active. 

Mission Statement

 We are well trained specialists in planning, developing and managing fine hotels, where the appropriate service and attention is the key to success. We care for our guests and strive to make them feel special. We equally care for our financial partners and associates and aim to meet and exceed their expectations. 

Corporate philosophy

 Wherever OROTELS is active you shall feel a dynamic ambiance of joy, fun and respect, where work is done with persistence and discipline, considering the attention to details. While using modern technology, the human element is always given priority. All people involved in business with OROTELS shall be treated with dignity and fairness, be able to achieve their goals, experience pride and satisfaction and live up to their success not only financially, but professionally, personally and emotionally. At OROTELS we care for traditional values like quality, efficiency, reliability, persistence and dedication, trust and security and expect from our associates and partners to show true friendliness, cordiality, flexibility, enthusiasm, a natural and sincere smile and thus offering a great service attitude.